Your Story

If you have a story to tell, write for us! Fill out the form below and let’s talk.

If you are looking for details to help fill out that story and would like help,  we can:

  • Retrieve Records: If you have identified the specific resource you need, we can pull a copy for you. The cost is $25 which includes copy costs, unless it is more than 10 pages in which case there will be a surcharge.
  • Do Library Research On-Site: If you know generally which record group you are interested in, but don’t have more specifics, we will research to identify and locate it.
  • Bust Brick Walls: When you have a puzzle you just can’t seem to solve, we can analyze your data and help you identify new ways of approaching the research. Or, we can undertake the additional research for you.
  • The Complete Package:  When you don’t have time to do it yourself, we will prepare a complete family group profile for you, including documented sources, copies of documents, photos, and illustrations.
  • Gifts: Choose any of the options above, or let us create a custom gift for that special someone.
  • Writing and Editing: We can write your family’s story based on the research you’ve done, or edit your existing manuscript.
  • Teaching and Speaking: Workshops, adult education, and college level courses
  • Content Syndication: Contact me for details.
  • Partnership Opportunities:  Contact me for details.


I work at major national libraries and research facilities in Washington D.C., including the Library of Congress, The National Archives, The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Library, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Library, the District of Columbia Library Special Collections, the Fairfax County Library Virginia Room, LDS Family History Centers, and more. These are accessible year-round. In addition, we work at libraries and research facilities on Staten Island,the greater New York City area, Northern New Jersey, and upstate New York, on a quarterly basis, or as needed. Paid access to databases is available year-round and where beneficial these will be used.

All of our work is done in accordance with genealogical proof standards, and will include documented sources. We guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of our work. Sometimes, that means reporting to you that no records were were found – this in itself is an important thing to note in your research, and a negative result can be as enlightening as a positive. But if records are out there- we’ll find them for you.

Let’s Talk

Contact me to discuss the parameters of your project.

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